Creative DIY Centerpiece Ideas

Our guest blogger Chelsy is back! Today, she’s talking all about creative centerpiece ideas that you can make yourself. Enjoy!


I love my craft time. I spray paint, wood burn, paint, and make jewelry – and I’m always looking for a new type of craft to get into. When my fiancé proposed and I had to begin planning my wedding, my first thoughts were on which aspects of my décor I would be able to do myself. I began wood burning my table numbers before I even knew how many guests I’d have, but now I’m stuck on creative centerpiece ideas. The options are limitless and my mind began to expand with ideas involving all of my favorite crafts and a few new ones I picked up along the way. Here are a few of my favorite budget friendly DIY centerpiece ideas I’ve discovered.

Book Centerpiece

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Books and Candles

I haven’t quite decided on my centerpieces yet, but I’m leaning towards this option more than any other. Books are incredibly affordable, easily crafted to fit your wedding colors and style, and a unique option that steers away from the traditional bouquet angle. Go to the thrift store, used book store, or hit up some garage sales and find some hardback books of various sizes. You can paint the hard covers to match your colors or leave them as is. You can also spray paint the edges of the pages gold, if you wish. Put them on the center of the table, stagger them, and put some small candles on top and around them.

Cost: This option is super affordable at an estimated $3 per table depending on where you get your books and how many you choose to stack on each table.

Tip: The downside to this option is the weight and bulk of transporting the books. Be sure you know how difficult they can be to transport to your reception site.

Wine Bottles

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Wine Bottles and Spray Paint

If you’re anything like me you enjoy having a glass of wine on occasion – or on a lot of occasions. This means that we have access to many wine bottles that are seemingly unlimited in the crafts that they could become. You can spray paint these bottles any color you wish to fit your wedding in any number of patterns. Tie a charm to the top, add some flowers, or place them on glass coasters to complete the look.

Cost: Depending on if you have wine bottles or not, this is still a very affordable option with your only costs being about $4 per can of spray paint.

Tip: Spray painting glass can be tricky in order to prevent dripping, so make sure you have extra bottles to practice with.

Burlap and Mason Jars

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Mason Jars and Burlap

Mason jars are extremely popular in rustic décor both for weddings and for interior design. Creating a simple and classic centerpiece can be as simple as using hot glue to attach a band of burlap to a mason jar. You can attach a flower, charm, table number, etc. to the front and make it your own. Adding rocks and a candle or a small bouquet of baby’s breath will be an easy finishing touch to an easy and classic centerpiece.

Cost: This project is about $4 per table depending on how many jars you decide to use and which extras you include.

Tip: Using off-brand mason jars is a way to save money on this centerpiece idea.

Bottles and Pinwheels

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Glass Bottles and Pinwheels

Pinwheels are such fun, and colorful options for centerpieces in weddings. Not only are they unique, they also offer movement, and an opportunity to easily match your wedding colors. You can use any cheap glass container and whichever pinwheel style suits your fancy and you’ve created an extremely simple and affordable centerpiece. Add some ribbon and a table number and your centerpiece is complete.

Cost: There are a lot of variables on cost here depending on the types of glass and pinwheel you choose, but the estimated cost per table is about $4.

Tip: If you don’t find the perfect pinwheel, you can also make your own if you’re willing to take on such a big project!

Nautical Theme

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Remember Your Theme

When you’re creating your centerpieces, it’s best to keep your theme in mind if you have one. This is a great visual reminder of your theme on each table and might help to give you some direction if you are looking for a centerpiece that is unique. Using rope for a nautical theme, seashells for a beach theme, apples for a country theme, old photos for a Victorian theme, or dreamcatchers for a bohemian theme are ways to get your theme across in a unique way. Don’t be afraid to utilize ideas for holiday crafts like glittered pumpkins or fall colored mason jars for Halloween for a fall themed wedding, or fill Christmas ornaments for a winter themed wedding. Don’t limit yourself to searching for wedding centerpiece crafts and allow your creativity to turn any craft into one that might work for your theme.

Your creativity can span across all aspects of your wedding, consider unique ideas for wedding transportation, a themed cake topper, mixed cd’s for wedding favors, or your own unique union ceremony with wax from two candles or braiding ropes. Even if you can’t do your own crafts, your own unique ideas can create a distinct look to your wedding even if DIY isn’t your thing. Sometimes just your creative ideas are enough to make your wedding emulate you and your other half’s personality.

I can’t wait to utilize my crafty nature to create the centerpieces at each table that all of my loved ones will be sitting at. I know that each table would look beautiful with a pre-made centerpiece, or just a vase with a bouquet, but I feel so much more connected to the planning process when I get to utilize one of my hobbies and create pieces of my décor on my own. Even if you aren’t the craftiest, each of these options can be created by anyone looking to create something on a budget. Which centerpiece I use is still to be decided, but I’m excited to use my craft time on my wedding crafts for the next few months no matter which idea I end up going with.

– Chelsy Ranard

Author bio: Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. She enjoys traveling with her fiancé, David, drinking white wine, and throwing a Frisbee for her dog. She and David will be getting married in October of this year. You can follow her on Twitter!

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Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

How to Include Jewelry in Your Wedding

Welcome to Jeriann, our newest guest blogger! She’s a blogger at and is in the middle of planning her own wedding.  In this post, she offers some great ideas on how to include jewelry into your wedding. Enjoy!

Weddings have a lot of little details, and most of them fall into categories. Jewelry is one that may seem straightforward, but, of course, has a lot of little hidden factors. Below are some of the main considerations you’ll want to make regarding wedding jewelry.

The Rings

Of course, when it comes to wedding jewelry, the rings steal the show. In most weddings/marriages, there are three main rings: the engagement ring and a wedding band for each partner.  Sometimes both partners get an engagement ring. Though diamond rings are still the most popular type of engagement rings, more and more people are choosing alternative stones. Birthstones are common choices, as are gemstones with personal meaning.

Choosing rings can be difficult. Many couples today go ring shopping together to ensure the right choice is made. Before purchasing a ring, it’s a good idea to look at a variety of styles. If you’re looking online, you should also use a ring sizer to make sure you know your ring size and that of your partner. If you’re looking in jewelry shops, they will be able to size you there.

Bridal Party Bling

Besides the rings, the most prominent use of jewelry will probably be on the people at the front of the room: the couple getting married, the bridesmaids, the flower girl, and the parents, particularly moms. Consider getting special wedding jewelry for your parents and the bridal party. Online boutiques sell bridal party sets where you can get everyone matching earrings and necklaces that work with your colors. If you have a flower girl, chances are that she’d love a special necklace to remember your wedding by. Maybe she’ll even wear it for special events in her own future!

Just remember, if you’re buying jewelry for your moms, you might want to warn them in advance. Otherwise, they may buy something new, or build their outfit around a treasured heirloom.

Décor Accents

Despite what some people may think jewelry isn’t just for people. You can bling up your entire reception with some well-placed pendants, brooches, and other sparkly items. Below are some ideas:

  • Dress up Your Cake: Work with your cake decorator to display a large piece of jewelry as the cake topper or as an accent on one of the tiers.
  • Put Your Shine Center Stage: Wrap vases with fabric to suit your theme and place brooches in the center. These will make beautiful centerpieces for your tables and give your guests something nice to look at!
  • Give Your Pet some Sparkle: If you and your betrothed are animal lovers, you may want to give your pets a place in your wedding. If you do, be sure to give them a nice sparkle for their collar, or perhaps a “fur-clip” comb.

These are just a few ways that jewelry lovers can incorporate jewelry into their wedding day. Do you have more ideas? Share in the comments below!

Jeriann Watkins is in the midst of planning her own wedding. She’s currently collecting every brooch, earring, or pendant with pearls that she sees, in hopes of creating a beautiful brooch bouquet for her own big day. Check out her blog, Dairyairhead, or follow her on Twitter!

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Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

Early Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding Planning Checklist

For those of you who are getting married in 2016, your wedding may have already happened or it is so close that you’ve got everything planned and ready to go. If so? Go you! Sit back and bask in the glow of your accomplishment. And let us know if you can add anything to our checklist below.

If your wedding is next year, however, you are knee deep in the planning process. We understand it can get pretty overwhelming. It’s hard to start completely from scratch, especially if you are the first in your group of friends to get married.

If you need a place to start, here’s what we recommend you have accomplished by the end of the summer:

  • Go to a bridal show
  • Set up a cake sampling appointment with your sweetie
  • Try on some dresses, both with and without an entourage
  • Go to a wholesale flower retailer and explore your options
  • Nail down a venue
  • Make a few cuts on your guest list
  • Set up a gift registry (or a honey fund)
  • Choose your wedding party
  • Finalize your date
  • Set up some sampling session with catering companies

Accomplish these by August and you’ll be well on your way to a planned 2017 wedding! If you’ve got anything to add to our list, let us know —

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

Getting Healthy for Your Wedding


Let us start with a slight disclaimer — you are beautiful the way you are. If losing weight for the wedding is your main goal, by all means, work toward that. However, if you want to make a lasting change, talk to your doctor first and see how to best do so. Above all, be safe and eat the occasional piece of cake. <3

Weight loss — It’s one of those generally implied things when it comes to weddings. You always hear people swear they’re going to “lose weight to fit into the dress”.

Honestly? Our best advice for you is to buy a wedding dress you feel marvelous wearing the day you try it on. If you don’t feel amazing from the beginning, you’re starting a spiral into disappointment. Love yourself as you are, because you are pretty darn perfect.

However, the time you’ve got pre-wedding is a great for starting to make some real changes in your life. You’re already changing your tax filing status, maybe your living situation, and so many other things — why not make a commitment to change your health?

Do you generally feel tired all the time? Are you not as spry or flexible as you used to be? Are you easily stressed out? Here are some tweaks you can make to your lifestyle to get a little healthier and make it a permanent change:

  1. Get some sleep. We cannot stress this enough. Sleep is good for you and we know you probably love/miss it. Take something off your to-do list once a week to allow for a lie in or a nap during the evening hours. The extra zzz’s will make you feel more restored and will allow your brain to process, which keeps you from being stressed out. Since you aren’t stressed, your brain will stop sending messages to your body to store your nutrients. Then, out of nowhere, you might start feeling better and maybe even lose a pound or two. And that’s all through being absolutely, decadently hedonistic through the use of naps. There is no way to lose here. 
  2. Go on a walk or do some yoga. We are going to let you be super indulgent one more time. Take some time out of your day to go on a walk or do some yoga. No, it does not have to be competitive. Go at your own pace and see where you end up. You’ll find that doing these activities will give your brain more restorative time (see above) and you might even realize that you enjoy doing these things. If you find out you like working out, step it up and join a class or sign up for a race. To quote Elle Woods: 

    elle woods
  3. Eat something good for you. We aren’t asking you to switch to a completely vegan/paleo diet. Remember, we are fans of cake here at Gala Pal. Instead, start slow. Maybe order chicken instead of a giant burger. Eat some steamed broccoli instead of mashed potatoes with gravy. Little switches you can make without making yourself feel totally deprived

With all of this change going on, it’s important to not get overwhelmed. Take it slowly and not all at once. Before you know it, you’ll feel better and ready to tackle any wedding planning obstacle in your way!

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

Five Creative Ways to Trash the Dress

4 Wheeler Trash the Dress

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Our guest blogger, Christy, is back! She’s a blogger, content strategist, and web guru for Wedding Bands for Both.  In this post, she offers some great ideas on how to let your wedding dress live on the wild side. Enjoy!

Weddings are a beautiful thing, really. To see a couple come together in loving matrimony and give themselves to one another is truly wonderful. Of course, the group dancing, red wine, wedding cake, fine dining, small wedding favors, and friendly, fun atmosphere is also pretty awesome. Although the day is about the couple and their passion for one another, in many cases, all eyes are locked on the bride. You may ask why and there is a simple answer. After long months of planning, many hours of tears (good and bad ones), and a few more gray hairs, the bride finally gets to enjoy the day. So of course, all eyes will be on her.

Most times, the first impression of the bride is when she is walking down the aisle in her dress with her arm woven into her father’s, who cannot stop beaming and looking at his gorgeous daughter. What grabs the attention of the guests is a combination of both the beautiful bride and her stunning wedding gown. But even though the wedding is just for one day, the bride will want to get the most use out of that dress as she possibly can! Something new, trendy, and fun that has become popular among many brides, is Trashing the Dress. You may wonder how this is getting the most out of the dress as you possibly can. But after the day is over, why not do something fun with it? Throwing paint on your dress or rolling in mud is definitely a fun way of getting the most out it. There’s no deadline — you can trash your dress after it has been sitting up in your attic for years. Whether on your actual wedding day or years later, below are some fun and creative ideas for trashing (I prefer the term “enhancing”) the wedding dress!

Mud Trash the Dress

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  1. Get muddy! Seriously. Many brides have no idea how stress relieving having a mud fight or rolling around in mud really can be. If you are looking for a way to truly destroy your dress with no boundaries, mud is the way to go. Make sure to snatch your photographer to take some fun pictures you both having your first fight as a married couple!
Trash the Dress - Waves

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  1. Get Wet in the Waves! This is especially a great option for a destination wedding or beach wedding, but this does not mean you can’t do this form of dress-trashing in lakes or rivers, as well. Playing in the water is fun for anyone, and they make for some fun pictures! Being in the water is great for fun pictures like the one above, but it can also be good for some kiss shots, piggyback playfulness, and romantic sunset pictures, too.
Paint Trash the Dress

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  1. Get Artsy! Looking for some ways to brighten up your plain white dress a bit? This is definitely one of those ways! Whether it’s painting pictures on yourself, having your husband dump a bucket of paint on your head, or having your kids do some finger painting or handprints, this is one way to make it special and memorable.
  1. Get Graffitied! If there is a beautiful mural or immaculate and impressive graffiti somewhere in the city, why not have some fun yourself? This is one way to get artsy, but is a little different. You can really have fun with it, writing your special date all over the bottom or spraying cute nicknames you have for one another on it. Just make sure you keep it on your dress and don’t get too carried away on a building nearby!
Wine Trash the Dress

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  1. Get Wined On! Getting drenched in wine is by far one of the more unique and not as popular ways to trash a dress. But it is definitely entertaining, not to mention tasty! If your wedding venue is at a vineyard or maybe wine has a symbolic, special, or simply pleasurable meaning to you, throwing some wine on your dress is sure to be a memory!

If you are looking for more Trash the Dress inspiration, click here! Have fun!

– Christy @ Wedding Bands for Both

You can find Christy on WeddingBandsForBoth.comPinterestTwitter, and Facebook.

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Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team