The Importance of an Event Planning App

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You’ve decided to host a big event, like a wedding. Fantastic! We hope you have a blast. Now, there are about a million and a half things that need to get done before the big day. Even if you have a fabulous event planner (like we did!), who is able to handle most of those things on your behalf, you and your entire planning crew (planner, friends, siblings, parents) all need to be on the same page throughout the whole planning process.

Your vendors need to be paid on time, of course. But invitations also need to be sent, RSVPs need to be tracked, and someone needs to pick up your grandmother from the airport. (It’s best if you can find the time to do that yourself. It’ll mean the world to her. And who knows—she may even write you a big check for your honeymoon!)

There’s a lot of information that will be flying around between and amongst your planning crew. The key to being organized is to always have that information accessible and accurate. Accessible, but inaccurate, information is dangerous. And accurate, but inaccessible, information is worthless. So forget about sticky notes, legal pads, spreadsheets, and emails. You need an event planning app to help you manage all of that information.

And that’s exactly what we’re giving you.

Gala Pal has all of the planning tools you need to make your event come off without a hitch. And we’ve built all of those tools on a web-based platform so you can use them anytime, anywhere. Sarah finalized the table centerpieces with the florist?

Awesome. Log in to Gala Pal and update your to-do list. Or, better yet, if you trust her, give Sarah access to your event in your account settings as a Helper and have her do it.

Your Dad called you at work to say that he can’t remember how much the country club deposit is? No problem. Pull up Gala Pal and look in your budget. Have him call you once he’s sent the check so you can note that payment and watch your numbers change in real time.

As we’ve said before, we want you to have fun at your events. Ridiculous amounts of fun! Being organized will make it a lot easier for the fun to happen. Let Gala Pal help you be organized. Signup here and stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Until next time,

Christine and Jonathan
Gala Pal Co-Founders

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