DIY Wine Glasses for Halloween


We’re hosting a semi-fancy Halloween party and wanted some holiday-appropriate wine glasses to go with our orange and black theme. Since we couldn’t find any that we liked, we decided to make our own sparkly set. These DIY Wine Glasses ended up turning out great! We’ll teach you how to make a set of your own, so read on.

Necessary Supplies:

  • 4-8 Wine Glasses (you can get them from your local dollar store!)
  • Painters Tape
  • Sponges (don’t use paint brushes – you’ll get streaks on your glasses)
  • Old newspaper
  • Martha Stewart Fine Glitter Glass Paint in Obsidian and Fire Opal
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Plastic Palette Cups
  • Paper towels


Step 1
Gather your supplies! Spread the newspaper around your work area. Use the rubbing alcohol and paper towels to clean the outside of your wine glasses. A clean surface will help the paint to adhere better.


Step 2
Pour the fine glitter glass paint into the plastic palette cups.

Step 3
Use the painting tape to mark off where you don’t want the paint. Be sure to get the rim of the wine glasses – you won’t want to accidentally drink the paint/sparkles!

Step 4
Dab your sponge brush into the paint and transfer it onto your wine glass. Be sure to dab – you don’t want streaks! Layer the paint approximately 3-4 times (wait an hour in between each layer) until it reaches your desired affect.

Step 5 (not pictured)
Put your glasses in a safe place to allow the paint to dry. Wait at least 21 days before attempting to wash the glasses in the dishwasher!

DIY_wine_glasses_step6We hope you enjoy your fancy new wine glasses! Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!


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