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Learn all about Gala Pal’s Budget Tracker

Let’s face it, planning an event is already stressful enough. Why also deal with the extra headache of an out of control budget? Learn how Gala Pal can help!

When planning our wedding, we found that with each passing day — despite our best money tracking efforts — we were paying for several unplanned items, losing track of paid deposits, and upgrading to fancier upgrades without realizing how this was affecting our bottom line.

It wasn’t until several weeks after the wedding when we totaled up everything that we saw we had overspent our budget by several thousands of dollars!

We designed Gala Pal’s Budget Tracker to save you from these common event budgeting woes. With our cool budget tool, you can easily see: 1) how much you’ve originally budgeted for your entire event, 2) how much you’ve allocated for particular categories of items (e.g., food, transportation, or formal attire), and 3) how much you’ve actually spent on various budget items.

Not sure if you’ve paid the deposit for the photographer? No worries! Keep track of amounts and dates for all paid deposits and down payments using our payment tracker.

Our color-coded system even helps you visualize which items you’ve overspent on. This helps prompt you to find other areas within your budget that you might be able to cut back on beforehand. Having all of this information at hand helps ensure that you stay on budget for the entire event.

Let Gala Pal help save some of your hard-earned cash, sign up for an account today!

Christine and Jonathan
Gala Pal Co-Founders

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