Gala Pal’s Next Steps

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We are so excited about all of the positive feedback we’ve received about Gala Pal so far. As we continue to move forward, we always want to make sure that we’re listening to you, Gala Pal users, on how we can make the site better. In addition to offering you some really great event planning tools, we also want for Gala Pal to be a source of fantastic and relevant event planning information and ideas.

Our next steps involve partnering with other event planning sites, as you’ve seen already on our blog. But we’re certainly open to other ideas. Let us know what you want to see! Do that by commenting on this post or sending us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Christine and Jonathan
Gala Pal Co-Founders


Create. Plan. Enjoy. Gala Pal is a comprehensive event planning tool designed to help you plan the perfect event or wedding. Learn more about us here:

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