Christine’s Five Favorite Spring Rituals

Christine's Five Favorite Spring Rituals |

It’s time to put away the winter coats and start bringing out the sandals and shorts! It’s officially spring, my favorite of all the seasons. I never realized this before, but every spring I go through a series of rituals. These activities help get me off of the couch, out of the house, and take advantage of the warmer weather. While several rituals come to mind, here are my top five favorites:


By Samuel Huckins

Even though I’m past the days of having an official spring break, there’s something to be said about taking several days off in the spring to jet-set to one of my favorite locales. Austin, TX happens to be one of those cities. It’s a great place to hang out, eat great food, shop, and do a lot of outdoor activities like kayaking, jogging, swimming, and bike riding, to name a few.

Going for evening walks

By Dee Ann

Daylight savings this time of year means “spring forward”, which for me, means more time to hang out in the evening. An extra hour of daylight in the evening can make for a lovely walk after a long day of work. And, it doesn’t hurt to grab some frozen yogurt at the end of that walk!

Cooking new meals

Spring Pasta Salad

I love trying new recipes and dishes to add to my cooking repertoire. Here are a few spring-centric recipes that I plan to try out: Spring Pasta Salad and Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie). Either of these would be great for a meal at home or for an outdoor picnic. Please send us some of your favorite recipes for this time of year! We love to try new things.

Movies in the park

by Aaron Molina

One of the local movie theaters hosts movies in the park as the weather starts to get warmer. They typically feature new releases so I tend to get there as early as possible to stake out a good seat. Here’s a recommendation: check the weather forecast in advance! Sitting on a soggy blanket outside when the sun goes down doesn’t make for an enjoyable movie night.

Last but not least….shopping!
by Roco Julie

I suppose this isn’t so much of a spring ritual for me as it is a seasonal ritual for me. Let’s face it, I usually go shopping at the start of any season. Nevertheless, I still enjoy switching out my dark-colored sweaters and pants for bright and colorful t-shirts and sundresses. And of course I always need new shoes to match…

What are some of your favorite spring rituals? Share your stories below in the comments section.

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