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After the longest winter on record (well, it certainly felt like it!) spring is finally rolling in! We’re super excited to spend time outside again. We had the worst case of cabin fever! To celebrate good weather and sunny skies we love hosting parties outdoors. We’ve learned a few things along the way too and we wanted to share our top 10 outdoor party planning tips with you to help you plan the best outdoor party EVER!

1. Have an Inclement Weather Plan

Ever heard of the saying “April showers bring May flowers”? It tends to ring true around this time of year. The weather is hard to predict – a 10 percent chance of rain often can turn into a torrential downpour in an instant. Hope for the best but plan for the worst and create an inclement weather plan. It could be as simple as moving everyone indoors from your backyard. Just make sure you have enough room to handle a sudden inflow of people!

2. Have Plenty of Bottled Water Available

We can’t stress this enough. The sun dehydrates you even if its 65 degrees outside. Keep your party happy and hydrated by keeping bottled water easily accessible. Especially if you’re serving alcoholic drinks or if you have children running around.

3. Have sunscreen available

A bad sunburn can quick turn your guests mood sour. Having an extra bottle on hand can help ease the pain of those who turn lobster red faster than you can say “maybe you should step into the shade…”

4. Have A Trashcan Nearby

Shorten your clean up time by quietly encouraging your guests to throw their trash away. Place and cute trashcan in an easily accessible place (but not too close to where people are eating – ewww!) so your guests know where to empty their plates.

5. Keep The Bugs At Bay

A large gathering of humans is a mosquito’s dream. Don’t let the bugs annoy your party! There are plenty of ways to keep the bugs at bay. Check out our tutorial for making your own DIY citronella candles. If you have enough time to plenty them, Marigolds are a natural way to deter bugs from crashing your party.

6. Have a Seat

Standing under the sun can make your guests weary. Have plenty of chairs on hand so your guests don’t have to plop down into the lawn!

7. Plan Party Games

Party games are great icebreaker and they tend to go a lot better than expected! Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to party games for more ideas:

8. Serve A Signature Cocktail

Bringing out the bubbly doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. Serve a signature cocktail for your guests to sip on all night. Apartment Therapy has some great options.

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9. Timing is Everything

Don’t let your springtime or summertime party sizzle – avoid planning a party during peak sun hours (12-3pm). Instead plan for an early morning brunch or a late afternoon soiree. Better yet, party all night long (as long as your neighbors don’t mind of course)!

10. Don’t Stress; Have Fun

Don’t stress over having everything perfect! The best parties have a life of their own. Just go with the flow and have fun!

P.S. Here are some tips on how to de-stress if you’re still having trouble!


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