The Hidden Costs of Weddings (part 1)


Don’t let an unforeseen expense ruin your wedding plans! Here are some unexpected costs that engaged couples tend to run into and how to avoid them.

This is just part 1 – stay tuned for part 2 next week! Also, please continue sending in your “hidden wedding costs!”

Bridal Accessories
So much attention is paid to the wedding gown. But really, its the accessories that make your gown unique. Be sure to budget for the wedding veil, jewelry, undergarments and shapewear.

Wedding Dress Alteration
Screen-shot-2014-06-26-at-10.54.27-PMIf you thought the wedding gown itself was expensive (it doesn’t always have to be!)… unless you’re one of the lucky brides home the dress fits perfectly, expect to dole out a couple hundred in alternations from an expert seamstress. Trust us – it’s worth the money.

Hair and Makeup Trials + Beauty Treatments
Unless you have a makeup artist/ hair stylist as your best friend (and if you do, please send them our way!) or you’re planning on DIY-ing it, you’re probably going to have to find a makeup artist and/or hairstylist to figure out your bridal “look”. Sometimes consultations are free, sometimes not. It’s always best to err on the side of caution, in our humble opinion!

Wedding Parties
How many different wedding related parties can a couple have? There’s the Bachelorette Party, the Bachelor Party, the Wedding Party, the Bridal Shower… All of these parties add up and need to be included within the wedding budget!

Invitations, Postage, and Thank You Cards, Oh My!
Designing invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards is so exciting but don’t forget that every item must be shipped! Allocate more than enough funds to cover the price of postage, especially if you’re sending a non-traditional invitation.

We’re compiling more hidden costs of weddings. Keep an eye out for it in next week’s blog post!


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