Five Tips for Planning a Successful Party on a Budget

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Whether you’re planning a graduation party, a dinner party or a simple soirée, you probably want to plan a memorable event without breaking the bank. So with that in mind, today we’re launching into a three-part series on how to plan a successful party on a budget. Here are a few tips and tricks that we’ve learned over the years. Enjoy!

Tip #1 – Start planning early
Start early to avoid feeling rushed. Begin developing a basic plan at least six weeks to two months ahead of your anticipated party date to give you enough time to make your guest list, find the best prices for your party essentials and organize your party.

Tip #2 – Be organized
Keep track of all of your party planning essentials. The better organized you are, the less likely you are to feel overwhelmed by party planning and to spend money on items you didn’t account for. Use resources like Gala Pal to help you store your guest list, to-do list and budget all in one place.

Tip #3 – Keep the guest list small
Limit how many people are invited to your party. It’s simple – the fewer people invited to your event, the less money you’ll have to spend on feeding everyone. It’s tough to leave friends and family out, but limiting the guest count will help to keep you from feeling overwhelmed because your budget is getting out of control. This tip ties into our to our next tip…

Tip #4 – Create your party budget and stick to it
Place a limit on how much money you can afford to spend on your party. It’ll prevent you from spending more than you anticipated. Don’t forget to include specific categories like food, decorations and favors in your budget. Gala Pal actually has a Budget tool to help you keep track of your expenses – you can even measure how RSVPs will affect your total costs.

Tip #5 – Co-host the event with others
Throwing a graduation party? If you have any friends who are also graduating this year, don’t hesitate to invite them to help co-plan your event. That way you can share the expenses AND the duties. Remember – teamwork makes the dream work!We hope you’ve found these tips to be helpful!


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