The Importance of the RSVP

RSVP-2BPost-2BImageThe acronym RSVP is French for répondez s’il vous plaît. For those needing a translation, this means please respond. Technically, the translation is respond if you please, but we’re pretty sure you get the point.

What really matters is how important RSVPs are to weddings, parties, bashes, get-togethers, and basically any social gathering, because people + grub = money.

While planning our wedding, we spent many hours and days finalizing our guest list and hunting down dozens of incorrect, incomplete, or altogether missing addresses. And we naively assumed that all of our efforts would result in our invitees quickly and kindly responding to our invitations (especially considering the small fortune we spent on postage)!

At first, RSVPs streamed in like crazy. But then, alas, the responses slowed down, eventually coming to a complete halt. Our generous estimate is that half of all guests gave us some sort of response, which apparently is not uncommon. But the rest, including some close family and friends (*ahem*), did not.

On top of the RSVPs that we never received, were the last-minute adjustments to RSVPs that we actually did receive. We were overwhelmed with emails from guests who decided to make changes, like bringing distant relatives barely related to us, but who just so happened to be in town the day of our wedding. And, there was a late-night text informing us that someone’s new beau (whose name we could never remember) was now coming.

Proper etiquette suggests ordering more food to account for unanticipated guests, but we couldn’t justify that considering food was the most expensive item in our budget! Alternatively, we could have said no to these last-minute requests.

We just wanted to have enough food and seating for everyone, but really had no idea how many people to expect on the day. We eventually had to call every single one of our invitees who either didn’t respond or who were asking for changes. This turned out to be a real hassle!

These experiences led us to create Gala Pal’s RSVP Manager. This interactive tool helps you easily keep track of who’s coming, who can’t make it, and who hasn’t responded yet. Invitees can electronically log their RSVPs and even make changes to previous responses.

We’ve even built it so that you can RSVP on your invitees’ behalf. We want all of your invited guests to celebrate with you, and we want to make doing so as smooth a process as possible.

What RSVP headaches have you encountered?

Christine and Jonathan
Gala Pal Co-Founders

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