DIY: Revamping The Guest Book – The Instax Scrapbook

A lot of you are looking for a guest book idea that carries meaning for you and your future spouse. Today, we’ll be talking specifically about how to make an Instax Scrapbook that your guests can sign in order to get some personality into your guest book.

This type of DIY for a guest book is pretty powerful. Not only can you capture everyone exactly how they looked on your wedding day, but you can see their signatures and wishes right beside those images. It’s a really sweet way to commemorate your big day — like a yearbook, but way less embarrassing because puberty is over for 95% of the people featured within. Definitely a few leaps above the traditional guest book.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 10-15 packs of Instax film – Pro tip: Michael’s weekly 40% coupon applies to this — stock up ahead of time!)
  • Instax Printer – This is the easiest way to get quality images onto film using an app on your phone to print photos. The cameras are great, but they put us back into the 90’s with the uncertainty of automatic focusing. You’ll save more money by not wasting film.
  • 10 fine tip Sharpies – For Because some will inevitably disappear. It’s Sharpie law.
  • Scrapbook
  • 20-40 sheets of scrapbook paper – Colors that match your theme and extras in case they get damaged or you need to start over. Depending on how many pages you have
  • Scrapbook adhesive dots – Easier than tape!

At the Wedding:

For this portion of the project, you can set up a simple printing station at the reception and designate a volunteer to occasionally check in on it. The printing station should have Sharpies, the printer with open film cartridges (to cut down on mess and chaos), and a few message cards about the size of business cards. This is the cheaper, less invasive option for you to get scrapbook pictures with signatures and messages on them. Keep in mind this method may also invite rampant selfie abuse and the possibility of film waste. Since the film isn’t cheap, you’ll want to establish some ground rules. Post a large, readable sign next to the station saying what this is for, how to use the printer, and some examples of what you want in your book. Examples can include stuff you’ve found on Pinterest (dress pictures, ceremony pictures, etc.) to let your guests know that you guys want a variety of the pictures they secretly took while your photographer wasn’t looking. Anyway, if your volunteer/s makes frequent appearances at the table, that and the sign should cut down on the tomfoolery.


Another option: You can hire someone to take all the pictures and corral relatives to sign them. This method ensures that you’ll get the most out of the film with fewer hijinks.

After the Wedding:

Now that you’ve got a bunch of sweet messages and pictures from your guests, it’s time to organize them. Remember, if you get images from your photographer, you can add these to your phone and print them out for filler for the book, too.

There are tons of ways to arrange your pictures, but go with whatever looks the best to you. Chronological is always a good option. Since you’ll have a variety, you’ll be able to find the best combinations if you spread out all of the pictures on a giant table or the floor.

Once you’ve organized the pictures, stick them onto background pages with accompanying message cards.  You can also get themed scrapbooking materials and stickers if you’re feeling really creative with it. The magic of putting scrapbook adhesives on the film is that you can peel them off and move the images without really damaging anything. You can change your mind and world is your oyster!


The key here is to make it yours. Find something that truly mirrors your style (both for you and your intended) that also goes with your theme or ideals. Then you’ll have something that you can cherish for years to come.

– Happy Planning!

The Gala Pal Team

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