A Last Minute Gift Idea from Gala Pal

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You knew you were waiting on those last minute gifts for a reason.

Imagine being able to help your friend plan their upcoming wedding without lifting a finger. What better gift can you give them this holiday season?

With Gala Pal, you can give the following:

  • Storage safety and peace of mind. Your friend can bask in the glow of having all of their information stored in one, easy-to-navigate, party planning hub. Since this isn’t physical or kept on an older hard drive, the information can’t be lost.
  • Organization. Does your recently engaged friend hate stress? With Gala Pal, you can alleviate some of that with organizational features that will make their planning phase more streamlined than a luxury car. A subscription to Gala Pal can
  • There are shindigs in your future. This is the part where signing up a friend can help you out. You get to go to all of the parties and wedding get-togethers they plan. This can include and is not limited to: ridiculous amounts of fun, cake, getting to see major life events, cake, making memories with your friends and family… and did we mention cake?

It’s as easy as signing your friend up and entering your payment information (we recommend a prepaid Visa of MasterCard with a set amount). Let your friend know how long you’re sponsoring their membership and when to change the card payment information. It’s as simple as that!

Want to know more? Head over to our FAQ section for more details.

Happy Holidays!

– The Gala Pal Team

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