Reasons Why You Should Embrace Winter Weddings


As you can tell from our last few posts, we are partial to winter weddings. Sure, they may not seem like an immediate choice, since most formal attire is sleeveless and drafty. But with a little planning and a lot of love, you can totally work a winter wedding into an unforgettable experience.

Reasons Why You Should Embrace Winter Weddings:

  1. Everything is cheaper. Everything. Since spring and summer are the prime months for wedding fever, you can skip the rat race and snag all the deals.
  2. Automatic decorations and the best lighting. Think darker romantic settings with fairy lights and snowy landscapes. Not only will you get perfectly unique photos from your wedding, you’ll benefit from most venues pre-decorating for the holidays. By having a winter wedding, you just saved even more money and you simultaneously won Pinterest.
  3. Less time planning around vacations (yours and your guests). Sure, people travel for the holidays, but it’s mostly to visit family. You won’t have to plan around various beach/Disney trips and you can bring all of your family together for the holidays.
  4. No frizz, better makeup, no sweat. Ever been to a wedding during a heatwave? If so, you’ll know that no matter how much primer you put on, makeup will slide off after prolonged exposure to heat and sweat. Having a winter wedding puts a stop to pesky things like humidity and sweat, leaving all of your photos looking perfect.
  5. Dress variations. Sure, you get a lot of dress choices for summer, but winter beats all for accessories. Cardigans, furs, flannel — the variations are endless. You can also get away with tall socks and boots for warmth. You can’t lose here.

Things To Remember:

  1. It gets darker faster during the winter months. If you want more daylight, schedule your wedding a little earlier in the day. Otherwise, take advantage of the romantic lighting in the evening.
  2. It just might be cold. That’s what you might have been going for, but let your guests know if it will be drafty or an outside wedding. You’ll want them to be prepared. It’s essentially the same as having a wedding during a heat wave — preparation is key. You might want to think about renting some industrial space heaters that restaurants use for outdoor seating. And always have a contingency venue, just in case.
  3. Don’t monopolize big holidays. Yes, it’s okay to use Thanksgiving as your rehearsal dinner. But don’t have your wedding on or too near to Christmas. Emily Post wouldn’t approve. Instead, try a week or two beforehand.

Have you had a winter wedding? What do you love the most about winter weddings? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

– The Gala Pal Team

2 thoughts on “Reasons Why You Should Embrace Winter Weddings

  1. Photographer here! Winter weddings are awesome!!! It’s less awesome when everyone looks blue and frozen in the photos. Make sure you dress your girls in ‘appropriate for weather’ dresses (heavy materials like a lined lace dress vs chiffon), and give them something to cover their shoulders. Plus let them know ahead of time if you plan on outdoor photos so they can mentally prepare themselves. Some of my favorite weddings were in the dead of winter!

    1. Fantastic advice! I saw so many awesome winter wedding shoots from this weekend — definitely worth it to use the snow if you can. And chiffon? BRRRR. No thank you.

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