How to Talk About the Engagement Ring You Want

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One of our guest bloggers, Christy, is back! She’s a blogger, content strategist, and web guru for Wedding Bands for Both.  In this post, she offers some great advice on how to talk about the engagement ring you want with your future spouse — enjoy!

For some couples, engagement rings are serious stuff! While some may not have a lot of opinions or ideas on the ring they want, others have it narrowed down to the cut, color, size, and style. Usually, this causes more stress than enjoyment for both the buyer and the receiver. Even though some women are confident in what they might want in an engagement ring, it might be a weird subject to broach. Let’s admit that it’s awkward to try to bring it up, especially if money is still a touchy subject for you guys.

If you’re having trouble with letting your partner know what you want in an engagement ring, try turning to the four options below for dropping *the hint*:

  • Be honest. Although this is the not the most subtle way of doing things, it is the most efficient way of doing it. Not only does it give you the option to be completely open about what you want and to discover new ideas along the way, but it also takes some of the pressure off your future spouse. Your partner can go with you and literally see the ring you want, down to the brand name and size (this avoids resizing fees!). Now your partner doesn’t have to make all of the decisions, which for some, is quite the relief. It is also convenient for a bride who doesn’t like big surprises.
  • Get your best friend to drop the hint. This is a pretty classic method, but it is a valid choice. Fill your bestie in on some of your ideas and price ranges. Then she can find a time to bring it up to your partner. In a lot of cases, your partner may know to go to your best friend first!
  • Get a third party to go along. You could say something along the lines of: “I know we talked about engagement, and if you are worried about ring shopping, I’m sure (insert name) would love to go with you! (Insert name)’s got an eye for jewelry, and plus (insert name) really knows my style!”. Feel free to figure out how to bring it up or say it, but most likely, your third party will be more than willing to tag along, and it gives your partner someone to turn to for help.
  • Co-shop for your ring. If you would rather skip the whole public surprise engagement, make picking out your ring a special date. Go out for a fancy dinner, head to your local jewelry store, and work together to pick out your ring. The caveat? You listen to what your partner would like as well. Yes, you get to wear it, so you can have veto powers, but go into it with an open mind. You can also get bonus points here for doing this in the town or neighborhood where you met or had your first date. Go to the place afterward and pledge your future to each other.

Biggest Takeaway: Our final judgment? If you can stand to, roll with it. Remember that your engagement ring is a symbol. It doesn’t represent just you and your taste, it represents a promise between the two of you. Take a chance and trust your future-spouse with the decision. If you absolutely hate it, be honest and you can try again. It doesn’t say anything about your relationship if your partner picks the “wrong” ring the first time around.

 – Christy @ Wedding Bands for Both

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– The Gala Pal Team

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