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Songs for Walking Down the Aisle: Bridal Processionals

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In this music series, we are exploring the various moments in your wedding (ceremony, first dance, etc.) where you can avoid clichés and make a statement with your music choices. Enjoy!

Last week, we covered bridal party/family processional music in our quest for the ultimate/non-cliché wedding playlist. But, what about when you (or the bride you’re generously helping out) walk down the aisle? In this case, we are totally digging chilled out covers of popular songs. The shorter, the better. It’s less awkward that way. Our top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. Eva Cassidy – Fields of Barley
  2. Katie Melua – Just Like Heaven
  3. Time After Time – Lambekka

Not digging the chill vibes or want to make it less sentimental when you walk down the aisle? Try some punk/ska covers, instead.

Remember when we did the movie scores for bridal party processionals? Here are our favorite bridal movie score choices:

  1. Little Miss Sunshine – Devotchka & Mychael Danna:
  2. There’s No Place Like Home – Michael Giacchino – LOST Soundtrack 
  3. Portuguese Love Theme – Craig Armstrong – Love Actually Soundtrack 

What song would you want playing for your bridal processional? Are you thinking of going in a different direction? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

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