Gala Pal News: June 4, 2016

We’ve been ridiculously busy behind the scenes here at Gala Pal, but we wanted to take a minute to let you know all of our latest news. Without further ado:

  • On June 5, we will be at the Richmond Science Museum for the Greater Richmond Bridal Show. Come see us there tomorrow!
  • We’ve had a ton of fantastic guest bloggers in the past few weeks with lots of fresh ideas. If you’ve got an idea and would like to write about it, give us an email at Don’t feel like writing but still have a fantastic idea you want to share? Email us anyway and we can work something out.
  • In the next few weeks, expect the Gala Pal blog to undergo a major style revamp. We can’t wait to show you our new update!

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UntitledHappy planning!

Christine and Jonathan
Gala Pal Co-Founders


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