How to Include Jewelry in Your Wedding

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Welcome to Jeriann, our newest guest blogger! She’s a blogger at Dairyairhead.com and is in the middle of planning her own wedding.  In this post, she offers some great ideas on how to include jewelry into your wedding. Enjoy!

Weddings have a lot of little details, and most of them fall into categories. Jewelry is one that may seem straightforward, but, of course, has a lot of little hidden factors. Below are some of the main considerations you’ll want to make regarding wedding jewelry.

The Rings

Of course, when it comes to wedding jewelry, the rings steal the show. In most weddings/marriages, there are three main rings: the engagement ring and a wedding band for each partner.  Sometimes both partners get an engagement ring. Though diamond rings are still the most popular type of engagement rings, more and more people are choosing alternative stones. Birthstones are common choices, as are gemstones with personal meaning.

Choosing rings can be difficult. Many couples today go ring shopping together to ensure the right choice is made. Before purchasing a ring, it’s a good idea to look at a variety of styles. If you’re looking online, you should also use a ring sizer to make sure you know your ring size and that of your partner. If you’re looking in jewelry shops, they will be able to size you there.

Bridal Party Bling

Besides the rings, the most prominent use of jewelry will probably be on the people at the front of the room: the couple getting married, the bridesmaids, the flower girl, and the parents, particularly moms. Consider getting special wedding jewelry for your parents and the bridal party. Online boutiques sell bridal party sets where you can get everyone matching earrings and necklaces that work with your colors. If you have a flower girl, chances are that she’d love a special necklace to remember your wedding by. Maybe she’ll even wear it for special events in her own future!

Just remember, if you’re buying jewelry for your moms, you might want to warn them in advance. Otherwise, they may buy something new, or build their outfit around a treasured heirloom.

Décor Accents

Despite what some people may think jewelry isn’t just for people. You can bling up your entire reception with some well-placed pendants, brooches, and other sparkly items. Below are some ideas:

  • Dress up Your Cake: Work with your cake decorator to display a large piece of jewelry as the cake topper or as an accent on one of the tiers.
  • Put Your Shine Center Stage: Wrap vases with fabric to suit your theme and place brooches in the center. These will make beautiful centerpieces for your tables and give your guests something nice to look at!
  • Give Your Pet some Sparkle: If you and your betrothed are animal lovers, you may want to give your pets a place in your wedding. If you do, be sure to give them a nice sparkle for their collar, or perhaps a “fur-clip” comb.

These are just a few ways that jewelry lovers can incorporate jewelry into their wedding day. Do you have more ideas? Share in the comments below!

Jeriann Watkins is in the midst of planning her own wedding. She’s currently collecting every brooch, earring, or pendant with pearls that she sees, in hopes of creating a beautiful brooch bouquet for her own big day. Check out her blog, Dairyairhead, or follow her on Twitter!

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Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

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