Signature Drink Idea: Lavender Honey Infused Mimosa

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Are you having a summer wedding? A brunch wedding? An outdoor wedding in any setting above 75 degrees? This mimosa is pretty much perfect for any of these situations.

For each pitcher, you’ll need:

1 bottle Champagne
2 cups Orange juice (juice from about 8 oranges if you’re in the mood to squeeze a LOT of oranges)
3-5 tsps lavender infused honey (DIY here!)
2-3 sprigs of fresh lavender
Fruit garnish (think berries to compliment the citrus)
Large glass or plastic pitcher


1. Pour orange juice into a large pitcher.
2. Stir in the lavender honey to taste
3. Place the pitcher into the fridge overnight.
4. Add champagne before drinks are served.
5. Garnish with lavender sprigs and fruit, then put pitchers on tables.

If you are serving this to a crowd, it’s best to make 2 pitchers per table and add the garnish to each glass separately. If you have 10 tables? 20 pitchers. Feel free to make more depending on what you know about your guests and their love of mimosas.

This recipe is also versatile enough to serve virgin style to the kiddos at your wedding, simply leave out the champagne step. It will help to make them feel more included and mature in a situation where they might want to be left off of the kiddie table list. If you’re worried about drinks getting mixed up, give them plastic champagne flutes, instead of the breakable glass version.


Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team


Recipe derived from Nellie Bellie and Evoke


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