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How to Save Money for Your Honeymoon

Most of the time, saving money when you’re in the planning stages is just hard. You have a ton of plans swirling in your head while juggling the active planning process. Then, once you’ve budgeted everything out and started booking vendors, you might realize that you have only allotted around $300 for your sweet honeymoon getaway. Eek! Unless you’re really into weekend camping, we suggest the following:

  1. Funnel your budget to the honeymoon fund. Instead of getting personalized place cards and buying expensive favors, you can channel that money to your honeymoon fund. It’s probably the easiest way to save money, but simultaneously the hardest. It means that you are going to have to give up some things that you may really want. In the long run, no one is going to remember those customized almond candies. Put that cash toward a nice vacation you both will definitely remember.
  2. Set up a honey-fund. This is what a lot of couples are opting for these days. There are several sites where you can set up such a fund and your guests and family members can donate to without having to peruse a registry first. It’s a bonus if you guys already live together (let’s just admit that this happens in the 21st century) and don’t need to have anyone buy you anything for your home unless you really want it. Our best advice for this? Set up a honey-fund and make sure people know that’s your preference, but keep a simple registry on the side for the folks that really want to buy something for you. Good to use websites are: Honeyfund, Gofundme, or simply PayPal. Many offer widgets for those of you who have made a wedding website, which will make it much easier for your friends and family to navigate.Don’t worry, we will be posting soon on honey-fund etiquette. 😉
  3. Forgo luxuries. If you buy extra cable, have a latte addiction, or shop exclusively at Whole Foods, give it a break until after the wedding. You can also sell electronics or other valuables that you aren’t using anymore. It’s amazing how much money is just sitting around in your place or literally leaking out of your wallet. This method will also make moving that. much. easier.
  4. Reschedule. We do not recommend this for everyone because it’s hard to move on with real life immediately after your wedding. But if you really want to save a ton of money for an ultimate getaway, consider scheduling it later in the year. You can have a little more control this way and if you like anticipation, it’s definitely the way to go.

What are you planning for your honeymoon? How are you saving? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team


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