Our Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration for your wedding. With just a few keywords, you can see details and ideas that you may have never thought of before. It’s kind of a Pinterest with less pressure, since you don’t have to maintain anything (and you can send yourself links to specific pictures if you really want to add them to a board later). Your feed can turn your wedding brainstorming sessions into more of a refuge than something that feels like work, which is important for maintaining balance in the long run.

Below are our favorite Instagram feeds for wedding inspiration. We hope they become your favorites, too!

Brides is a published magazine that has the experience to back up their legit online presence. They offer a wide range of inspiration for pretty much any wedding situation.


“Celebrating love, travel, happily ever afters, & the best wedding dream makers for Southeastern Virginia.” Tidewater and Tulle specializes in southern coastal wedding inspiration. They aim more toward real weddings, but we love them just for the local (to us) feel.


We love this feed simply for the pop of color it has. If you want something beautiful to look at, follow this feed.


This feed is from a fine art wedding blog and it definitely shows. Check it out for intimate scenes and a gentle color palette.


This account was created by a team of wedding bloggers that curate what they call “the best wedding inspiration online”. It’s a lovely account that shows a wide array of weddings without it feeling too forced.

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Do you have a favorite wedding instagram account? Share it with us in the comments!


Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

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