Zen and the Art of Save the Dates

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It’s general knowledge that when a wedding is involved, couples need to send out invitations to their friends and family. You need to make sure your loved ones have the important information about your wedding. The timeframe that you send that out is more fluid, but still pretty mainstream. However, a Save the Date is a relatively newer, more fickle beast. We’re here to help you straighten that mess out:

The medium is fluid. You can send coasters, magnets, stickers, first aid kits… the world is your oyster! Literally anything you can buy wholesale and personalize can become a Save the Date. If you click here or the image below, you’ll find a good Pinterest search to help you find a unique medium for your own.

Save the Date search


The postage date is a bit tricky. This one really has no solid answer. Well, other than the fact that you should preferably send these out at least a week before your invites. And that’s if you aren’t slacking on the invite schedule). Do you already know what you want your wedding to look like? Create and send these babies immediately! Would you prefer to hold off? That’s cool. However, you should remember that there’s a point when everyone will know to expect an invite and you’re sending something that might just be thrown away.

You can have more fun. This is not your grandma’s wedding invite. Use your Save the Date to express yourselves and give a hint to what your guest might expect at the wedding. Leave the formal stuff that your mom wants for the invites (with hints of what you did with the Save the Dates because the theme should match). You might also want to create two different Save the Dates. Create one for your friends and one for your older relatives — just to keep people from being offended if you’re getting really crazy. If you’re on the fence about what you should not send to your great aunt, please note the examples below:

Save the Dates

Have you decided on your Save the Dates, but don’t know when to send them? Are you thinking of sending something terrifying in the mail to your poor grandmother? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team




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