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5 Things A Wedding Guest Should Avoid Wearing (No Matter How Casual the Wedding)

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Welcome our newest guest blogger, Rebecca! Today, she’s talking to all the wedding guests out there about the 5 things a wedding guest should avoid wearing. Enjoy!

We’ve all been there. The latest wedding invitation lands on the doorstep, but this time it presents a unique challenge. The dress code is casual, or no dress code is specified. What’s a person to do in this situation? With more and more couples opting to discard many of the long-standing traditions and go down the more informal route for their wedding, their guests are unfortunately left in etiquette limbo.

If you know the couple very well and are confident that your inquiry won’t bother them, you can always run your outfit choice by them, or confirm the dress-code in advance. However, many people fear bothering the couple before their big day. Whatever the dress code, there are a few dos and don’ts for any wedding that you should always stick to – no matter how casual the wedding may be!


Never, ever wear white

The number one rule for a wedding is to never ever wear white. Don’t even ask. Even if the couple are the most non-traditional couple you know, you still shouldn’t run the risk of offending anyone with this classic wedding faux pas. Even if the couple are non-traditional, they might have parents or grandparents who could be offended by your sartorial selection.


Avoid anything too revealing

If you like to show a bit of flesh, either go for legs or cleavage, never both. This rule is likely to be more relaxed if you’re attending a beach wedding, but you should still be careful about wearing anything too sheer. Wearing anything too revealing can have an impact on the wedding photos which will likely have cost the couple a lot of money. It’s difficult to dress for a day that starts in church and ends on the dancefloor, so opt for something more conservative to avoid offending anyone.


Leave the flowers to the bride

Unless you’re a 10-year old child, don’t even think about decorating your hair with flowers. Although this is becoming increasingly popular for unique occasions such as festivals and parties, you run the risk of looking like part of the bridal party if you have flowers in your hair. Leave the beautiful updos adorned with flowers to the bride and her bridesmaids!


Ditch the jeans

This one’s for the men – unless you’re under 10, you probably can’t get away with wearing jeans to a wedding. Really, don’t be that guy! The wedding photos are an important part of the any wedding. You don’t want to risk ruining them by being the most casual-dressed person there.


Be classy, not flashy

Although you might have a stunning tiara you’re dying to wear again, someone else’s wedding is not the time to showcase your flashy jewellery collection. If you want to wear something classic, opt for a timeless and subtle pair of princess cut diamonds in your ears.

Author bio: Rebecca is a freelance writer living in Southampton, United Kingdom. She is a fan of fitness, cooking, and yoga, volleyball, and photography. You can follow her on Twitter or check out her website!

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