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How to Start to Plan Your Second Wedding

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Hi, everyone — it’s your favorite community manager, Meghan! A lot of wedding sites gloss over the fact that sometimes people run into speed bumps in life. More specifically, quite a few people get divorced and then get remarried later. As a person who has been divorced myself (and is hoping to remarry someday), I see the need for the wedding industry to extend the same love to us. There are very few articles out there for us and it might make you feel a little alienated.

So, how do you start to plan your second wedding? Here is my advice on the subject:

Leave Your Baggage at the Door

Since you’re in a brand new relationship, you’re probably to this point already. However, this is our gentle reminder that you need to leave the past behind you and look toward your future together. Congrats on finding love again!

Embrace the Ceremony

Stay focused on your vows and what you want to communicate to your partner during your ceremony. Go with the crowd that makes you most comfortable. And definitely nix any part of the ceremony that didn’t make you feel good the first time.

Realize that You’re Ahead of the Game

You’ve literally run the gamut of all of the planning processes before, in some capacity or another. This  means that you can avoid all the traps that brides fall into the first go-round. You *know* that you don’t need to attend bridal shows or that you really don’t want a limo. You literally own the wedding planning game.

Make it Your Own

Seriously. Want to wear white and stay traditional? Do it. If you want something alternative, let your freak flag fly. If you want intimate, only invite your closest friends and relatives. Make this thing stand out and make it your own!

My parting words for this post are as follows: trust your gut. Don’t let doubt creep in or think that everyone is judging your decision to get remarried. Instead, wallow in the utter joy of finding your partner and look forward to your new adventure together.

Are you planning your second wedding? Let us know how it’s going in the comments!

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team




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