How to Restore an Antique Diamond Ring

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Welcome one of our newest guest bloggers, Ryan, from Diamonds of Choice! Today, he’s talking all about how to restore an antique diamond ring. Enjoy!

There a huge range of diamond rings available from jewellers. However, many have a ring that signifies more than just a piece of jewellery on the ‘ring finger’, and they may have a ring that is a family tradition. For instance, there can be an antique ring that has survived several generations, but has now come to the point where it may have become a little worse for wear. Here are some tips on how you can make sure that ring can last a few more generations.

Assess the Ring

The first thing to do is take the ring to a jeweler and allow them to assess the ring. See if there is any damage to it that requires immediate repair. There are many of the aspects of the ring that will need to be searched, so it won’t be a fast process. The primary area is the shank. Over time this is likely to have worn thin and they jeweler will assess if this will need repairing. There is then the filigree detailing, engraving, and setting that will hold the diamond in to place. Quality diamonds are usually very robust and will not get many scratches on them over time, but on the odd occasion they become loose and it may require some re-gluing.


Re-Sizing and Thinning

The ring may need to be re-sized for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there could be an issue with the shank thinning out and needing to be changed. The other issue can be if the ring needs to be re-sized because it has been given to a new person whose finger is a different size to the previous owner. This will be done by slowly cutting the shank away from the bridge which holds the diamond, this can then be replaced by a new metal or the same one depending on your preference.


Alter the Decoration

Over time the decoration of the ring may be become slightly dated or there may be engravings of the previous owners’ initials. Once the foundation has been set with the new shank, you can start to look at these changes to bring out the character of the ring again by re-altering the design ever so slightly.


Regularly Care for it

Taking regular care of your ring will be different from person to person. Everybody lives different lifestyles. For instance, if you’re a factory worker your hands will go through a lot of tough work. It may be a good idea to get a band to cover the ring. It is imperative that you take your ring off if you are going to contact with any household chemicals. To keep the ring clean and sparkling, there are many specialist products available but you can also simply use some soap and a toothbrush to softly scrub the diamond.


To Sum Up

Now you should know the steps to take to restore your antique diamond ring. A lot of the changes may make it seem like the ring has lost its vintage touch. However, it should be remembered that with it being an antique it will always be the one that holds the extra importance. Additionally, diamonds are one of the most robust stones in the world. That means that you will only really have to worry about the shank. You can be assured that the key part of the ring will keep its originality and uniqueness.

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