Our Favorites: Halloween Wedding Inspiration

This is one of our favorite Halloween posts from the past, specially brought back for your enjoyment. 

Who hasn’t thought about giving up the conventional in favor of a Halloween wedding? Believe me, it has crossed our minds a time or two. There are endless possibilities for a really creative ceremony and reception here. Oh, and a guarantee for a good reason to throw a fun party for your anniversary every year.  Depending on whether you like zombies, vampires, ghosts, or even dressing up like your favorite movie characters, there’s a way to customize a Halloween wedding to fit your exact personality and style.

In the true spirit of the season, we decided to pick out a few of our favorite Halloween themed details. Enjoy!

This Outside Decor: If it’s warm enough where you live to have an outdoor wedding, go for this. This could accent a Sleepy Hollow theme where you can really play up the old New England feel. You could go with a simple rustic look or go all out with 19th century costumes, food, and decorations.


These Guests That Are All About It: Seriously, the crowd participation here is astonishing. I wonder if they got Grandma in on it, too…

via laynecorban.wordpress.com

This Cake: I can think of no better use for fondant. You could include a complimentary zombie face painting station for your guests at the cocktail hour so everyone can join in the coolest wedding photo of all time.

via the fashioncaker.blogspot.com
via the fashioncaker.blogspot.com

This Look: If you’re looking to have a masquerade ball, this is how you do it right. Black, white, and red are the perfect colors to go with this theme and it’s best to pair it with an evening wedding with tons of candles in an older venue. We want this wedding to happen just so I can be swept up in it all.

via iso.500px.com
via iso.500px.com

These Bridesmaids’ Dresses: These ladies exude whimsy. These can be perfectly paired with tea and a preacher dressed as the Mad Hatter. Or possibly a Wizard of Oz theme. Striped stockings and ruby slippers — like the good, old saying about the bridesmaid’s dress — can be worn after the wedding!

via polkadotbride.com
via polkadotbride.com

Making An Invitation Out of Something Like This: Because X-Files. There is no love greater than Mulder and Scully… except yours.

via foxsmulder.tumblr.com
via foxsmulder.tumblr.com

These Refreshments: Colors and decor are on point here. If you’d rather just go with a classic Halloween theme without going to extremes, this is the color palette to follow. Pumpkins for days! Also a perfect excuse to sneak pumpkin spice into EVERYTHING.

via magnetstreet.com

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Happy haunting!

– The Gala Pal Team




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