The 5 Wedding Planning Items You Should Do First

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Welcome to Jeriann, one of our favorite guest bloggers! She’s a blogger at  In this post, she suggests which items on your wedding to-do list to tick off first. Enjoy!

Planning a wedding has so many steps, parts, and “things to consider” that it’s no wonder there are 50,000 wedding planning checklists online and some of them hardly duplicate each other. 

In the beginning stages of wedding planning, it’s easy to say “we’ll get to that later”. But, before you know it, later is now and you have 50 tiny things to do and no time. Below are 5 items that you should get out of the way early in your planning process in order to reduce stress later.

Buy Your Rings

You may think that you’ve got plenty of time to buy your wedding bands, but you’ll feel much better knowing it’s out of the way. Maybe the engagement ring came with a wedding band, but you’ll still need a ring for the other partner. You should definitely shop locally to get sized and see what kind of rings you like. Then scour the internet for deals. Depending on price and quality, you might go back to your local stores, but if you do decide to order online, you’ll have plenty of time for engraving, shipping, and ensuring quality. Get started with this wedding ring buying guide!

Pick Your Venue

This is a big one, but some people still try to make major decisions before booking their venue. The venue is the building block of your ceremony and reception, and if you make too many choices before booking, you may end up being boxed in to a location outside your price range or have to make lots of changes to your plan. Your venue will affect your color scheme, your head count requirements, and possibly what vendors you can use. 

If you’re considering an outdoor venue, you’ll want to double check the need for permits, the noise ordinance rules, and other factors that lend toward a smooth, professional outdoor event. Many outdoor venues are less expensive than indoor locations, but they also tend to be less inclusive and more turn-key. There are lots of things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding. The sooner you have the location booked, the sooner you can work out all the details.

Decide Your Centerpieces

Centerpieces are a small, relatively inconsequential part of your big day. You may barely notice them while you’re celebrating your nuptials and catching up with loved ones. But they do add a lot to the mood of your event and help make your photos look fabulous! Once you’ve chosen your venue and color scheme and know approximately how many tables you’ll have, start looking up inspiration for centerpieces. If you’re a DIY-er, check out these cool ways to repurpose glass bottles and jars. This will also give you a chance to build a cohesive theme and decide on what other décor you need.

Get Gifts for Your Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to be a great source of emotional support and physical labor. Since they’re taking time off work and putting time and effort into your big day, you want to make sure to get them gifts that express your gratitude. Whether you’re getting one significant gift or several smaller items, start early. Especially if you’re planning on personalizing things, ordering custom work months in advance is always a safe bet. This gives you time to make changes if something doesn’t turn out how you thought it would.

Pick out Music

Even if you don’t care what music plays at your reception, there are two songs you need to pick out early on. Your song for walking down the aisle and your first dance song should both be determined early on. This will help you set the tone for the ceremony and practice your first dance. You’ll be much less stressed having these two factors set in stone.

These are just some of the many wedding planning items you can tackle early to reduce stress later on. Do you have any other tips? Share in the comments!

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