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Tips for Making Your Groom Look Unique on His Wedding Day

Welcome back one of our favorite guest bloggers, Chelsy! Today, she’s talking all about how your groom can look unique on your wedding day. Enjoy!

Each couple’s wedding day really isn’t just about the bride, it’s about the groom as well. All eyes may be on the bride, but the groom should look and feel his best standing next to her. It seems like there are thousands of different styles of wedding dresses for women, but men seem to get the short end of the stick wearing black slacks and a jacket. However, the options for men are becoming more diverse as weddings are becoming more unique to each couple. In order to help your groom look special on his wedding day, consider picking a creative boutonniere, using unique accessories, choosing a different color, going casual, or adding a pattern.

Creative Boutonnieres

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Boutonnieres are great accessories for your groom to stick out and separate himself from his groomsmen. The classic boutonniere is created with a flower prominent in the bride’s bouquet, like a rose. However, a boutonniere can be created with any type of flower or greenery. Match the boutonniere to the theme, allow it to reflect your groom’s interests, or stick to a color theme. Boutonnieres don’t have to be flowers, they can be succulents, buttons, fishing flies, hops, made with their school colors, seashells, pinecones, feathers, etc. Etsy has a ton of unique, specialty made boutonnieres as well, so find something to spruce up your groom’s lapel.

Unique Accessories


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Accessories can be subtle or they can be show stoppers, the key is to allow your accessories to compliment your look and not take it over. For some, a cane or a hat can be too much, for other’s it’s exactly the accessory they need. If you pick a hat, pick one that will compliment his style and your look in general. If your groom would like to look unique but would prefer some more subtle accessories, consider a nice watch, cufflinks, a tie clip, earrings, some colorful dress socks, a bowtie, or a pocket watch. Allow your groom to be excited about his attire and feel good while standing next to you.

The Use of Color


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Color can be used in a variety of ways in order to help your groom look unique on his wedding day. Some common uses of color are in the boutonniere, the neckwear, and the vest. But the use of color does not have to stop there, your groom also has the option of picking a colored suit as well. A colored suit doesn’t have to mean bright orange or powder blue, but neutral toned colors are great for making your groom look handsome and unique while also fitting seamlessly into the theme. Navy, grey, or tan suits are classic choices that compliment many other colors, textures, and patterns.


Go Casual

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Slacks, suit jackets, and vests are not the only way to go with your groom’s attire. Consider the idea behind a more casual look for your groom. This isn’t for every wedding, but some with a more casual feel or a rustic theme may be able to get away with more casual attire. You can try skipping the suit jacket and just have them wear the vest and button up. You can try suspenders and a tie or bowtie, no shoes, Chuck Taylors, or jeans and a button up or any combination of those things. Look around for examples and inspiration, and encourage your groom to think about what type of look they’d like to have on their wedding day.


Include a Pattern

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Patterns are amazing choices in attire for your groom because it doesn’t take a lot to make a statement. One plaid bowtie, one floral tie, a patterned shirt under a vest, or slightly striped suit are all tasteful uses of patterns to make your groom stick out on his big day. Many bridal and tux shops work together in their color matching in order to make sure your bridal party matches, if you have questions about matching patterns, ask your suit shop or bridal shop to assist you. If you’d like to utilize a pattern in an even more subtle fashion, look at patterned pocket squares that correspond to your colors.

Whether your groom is indifferent about their attire, or they’d like to decide for themselves how they look, it’s not out of the question to make sure the groom looks amazing just like the bride. More than anything else, confidence looks the best on a person no matter the circumstance. If both of you feel good, you’ll look even better. In order to help your groom feel his best and look unique, consider a creative boutonniere, unique accessories, the use of color, a casual look, or the use of patterns. He will tell you that you look beautiful all night the day of your wedding, so make sure you let him know how handsome he looks as well.

Author bio: Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. Chelsy also enjoys traveling with her husband, David, drinking white wine, and throwing a Frisbee for her dog. She and David got married on October 1st! Don’t forget — you can follow her on Twitter!

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