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How To Throw a Fabulous Holiday Party

Welcome one of our newest guest bloggers, Annabelle! Today, she’s giving us the lowdown on how to throw a fabulous holiday party. Enjoy!

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Tis the season for mittens, hot chocolate, and holiday parties. Once you’ve trimmed the tree, picked a date, and sent your invitations, it is time to prepare for the big event. When preparing for your holiday party, use this checklist to really dazzle your guests!


What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to turn your home into a winter wonderland. Put away any cherished items you don’t want to get damaged, clear out any personal items from the bathroom medicine cabinet you may not want to be seen, and focus your decorating on the rooms in which your guests will gather.

Set a stunning table with a fabulous holiday-themed centerpiece to draw people to the food. Instead of flipping that light switch, illuminate the room with strings of soft Christmas lights. Add a little flare with holiday scented soap for the bathroom and don’t forget the mistletoe.


The best thing about a holiday party is the delicious treats. Just because your party already has a holiday theme, doesn’t mean your menu can’t have its own theme. Stick with small portion foods to allow guests to try every dish. Finger foods are perfect for grab and go.

If you want to turn your holiday into a fiesta, consider a taco/nacho bar. Who says breakfast is just for the morning? Make a breakfast buffet for any time of the day with donut trees and miniature quiches. Get your guests involved with a 12 Days of Christmas potluck where everyone brings a dish inspired by the day they were assigned.


Really bring the holiday “spirit” with some festive cocktails. Invite guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to share. Accentuate your theme with a proper libation like Peppermint Schnapps and Bailey’s Irish Cream to go with your hot chocolate bar.

Serve signature holiday cocktails such as classic eggnog or White Christmas Sangrias in fun, personalized glasses.


Entertaining your guests can be as simple as a delightful holiday playlist or as elaborate as a surprise, costumed visitor.

Go vintage by bringing out that old record player and some holiday records for some Christmas tunes. Invite Mr. and Mrs. Claus to make an appearance and hand out candy canes or small gifts. Get all of your guests involved in the entertainment with some hilarious “reindeer games.”

Final Event

All good things must come to an end and you don’t want guests overstaying their welcome. Create a final event to naturally close down the party and send guests on their merry way.

If you’re having an ugly sweater party, save the awards ceremony for the end of the night to declare an “ugliest” winner. Have a “last call” and insist on everyone sharing their last drink while caroling along with the music. Host a white elephant gift exchange to end the night with the spirit of giving.

Whatever holiday you want to celebrate with an incredible party, use this checklist to keep your guests feeling festive and full.


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