5 Ideas to Entertain the Children at Your Wedding

Welcome back one of our favorite guest bloggers, Chelsy! Today, she’s talking all about how to entertain children at your wedding. Enjoy!

When I got married I decided to have four ring bearers and two flower girls at my wedding. I didn’t have a ton of other kids there other than a few infants, but having that many little ones participating in my wedding meant that I had to make sure they were entertained. Weddings aren’t particularly exciting events for kiddos (usually). They have to wear uncomfortable clothes and sit still for the ceremony, but I wanted to make sure the little ones in my life had just as much fun as the adults at my wedding. Luckily there are a few different creative options for entertaining the kids in attendance.


Kid-Friendly Music


Sometimes it’s as easy as providing some dance worthy music for kiddos to dance to in order to keep them entertained. The chicken dance, YMCA, and even the cupid shuffle are popular songs that requires the participation that kids love. Invite them out to dance with you! Ask them to request a song to dance to or have a few songs that the DJ can announce are just for the kiddos. You can’t go wrong with a few frozen songs thrown in that they will know all the words to. Involving them in music and dancing will interest them for the same reasons that music education benefits and interests children: it’s a part of our culture, it shows community, and it’s just fun.


Lego Tables


Legos are a great form of entertainment for any age so offering Legos at your kids table will be a sure win with the kiddos at your wedding. Putting them in a shallow glass dish is a classy way to display them for your kiddos without having to leave a shoebox full of them out on the table. Try buying Legos that fit your color theme, and utilize thrift stores or second hand stores to find Legos at affordable prices. If your wedding is anything like mine, you’ll find adults and kids both playing with Legos by the end of the night.


Disposable Cameras


Utilizing disposable cameras on all guest tables used to be a great way to get some candid photos from your guests during your wedding. This isn’t as popular as it once was with smartphones in everyone’s pockets with amazing photo quality, but it might still be a fun idea for the littles at your wedding. Take notes from various projects geared towards photography from the eye of children and encourage them to take photos from their point of view.


Many of the photos will be blurry, many will be photos of their finger, many will be of the other kid’s nostrils, and some cameras may get broken, but you won’t be getting any photos quite like the photos you’ll get from the children at your wedding. Their perspective is unique and the things they find interesting will be different than anyone else’s. You can make a photo book of their photography for their parents, for you, or for a fun coffee table book. Plus, it will keep them busy trying to find fun things to photograph.


Gift Bags


Making gift bags for the kids at your wedding might be a serious undertaking for those that have a ton of children attending their wedding, but for those like me that only have a few children in attendance it’s a really fun way to offer them entertainment. I utilized a few different ideas for keeping my flower girls and ring bearers entertained and one of the things I did was that I made each of them a gift bag. By doing something as simple as shopping around the kid’s section of the dollar store I managed to create a bag of fun for each of them. I included a small stuffed animal, bouncy balls, little trucks, some candy, fake teeth, bubbles, foam footballs, sunglasses, and a few other things in each of their bags and it was a blast. I have adorable photos of each of them wearing their sunglasses, wearing their silly fake teeth, and playing with their toys.


Wedding Themed Coloring Books


By taking note of restaurants that attempt to keep kiddos occupied, I also looked into wedding themed placemats and coloring books. We bundled up some crayons with ribbon in my wedding colors and allowed the kids to color while they sat at their table. There are a ton of ideas and printables on Pinterest that will allow you to create your own wedding themed coloring book, too. You can lay down a giant sheet of paper instead of a table cloth and allow them to decorate their table. This is another option that adults will love just as much as the kids, so this might be fun to do for every table. Crayons are not an expensive purchase, and the printable can be within your theme to add a fun twist to your wedding.

I had such an amazing time as my four new nephews and two little cousins walked down the aisle before me. They stole the show and provided so much fun in our wedding. I cherish the photos of them enjoying their gifts and hope that they all remember our wedding as something that was super fun for them to be a part of. I tried hard to make sure they knew weddings weren’t just about following directions, wearing uncomfortable clothes, and sitting quiet. Entertaining the kids at your wedding is a fun undertaking and they tend to be a lot easier to please than many of the adults in attendance, so have fun with these ideas and get creative with your own ideas. Kids can find fun in anything, so have fun finding your own way to keep the kiddos at your wedding busy.


Author bio:
Chelsy is a writer from Montana who is now living in Boise, Idaho. She graduated with her journalism degree from the University of Montana in 2012. She just got married on 10/01/16, loves trying new beer, and can be found throwing a Frisbee for her dog, Titan. Follow her on Twitter!

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