Crowdsourcing Your Wedding Photography

Hiring a photographer is usually one of the biggest milestones to check off of your wedding to-do list. Not all of us can afford the average cost of a wedding photographer. By the way, according to our friend Google, is a whopping $2,556. When it comes to spending, many couples tend to legitimize that expense, asserting that they want to have the absolute best to look back on when they are remembering that day.

We get it. We also understand that this kind of cash may not be in everyone’s budget. For some couples, $2500 means two months (or more) of rent and bills. Others would rather direct that money toward a destination elopement and setting up their own tripod.

So, what’s a couple to do when they’d rather not hire someone for professional photography?

You crowdsource it.

Simply put, you let everyone know that you are cool with them taking pictures with their phones and cameras, as long as they share them with you. This is almost the complete opposite of the post we wrote back in July about having an unplugged wedding.


A lot of couples have recently been using hashtags to coordinate their crowdsourced photos on social media. This makes it easy for everyone to look at each other’s photos and gather the shots they want to keep, too. Once the wedding is over, you and your honey can enjoy scrolling through tons of photos through your special hashtag.

wedpics-full-logoAnother possible option is to go through an app like WedPics, which a great plan if you want full resolution pictures (sites like Instagram and Facebook compress photos in order to save space). You can download these to your phone or computer to order prints and the app is completely free.

As in all of our blog posts, we’ll leave the ultimate choice up to you. Make sure that you understand the risks you are taking in leaving the photography up to your friends and family members. If you do make this decision and end up not liking the pictures they took, you can always don your wedding garb again for a separate, more intimate photo session, adding your own personal flair and style into the mix.

Have you thought about crowdsourcing photography for your wedding? Have you ever seen a couple use WedPics or a hashtag to coordinate their extra photos? Let us know in the comments!

Happy planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

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