4 Easy Decorating Tips for Your St. Patrick’s Day Party

Welcome to our newest guest blogger, Sarah! Today, she’s giving us the lowdown on decorating tips for St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy!

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Each year, millions of people around the globe celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If you’re one of them, you might be planning to enjoy the holiday with friends and family members in your home rather than partying at a bar or club. Celebrating at home lets you enjoy each other’s company without battling long lines or fighting for a parking spot, and it makes it easy to avoid alcohol if you’ve decided not to imbibe this year. The tips below will help you adorn your home with festive decorations for a memorable St. Paddy’s Day party, whether you’re hosting a small bash for your children or inviting the entire neighborhood over for corned beef and cabbage.

Display Vibrant Green Shamrocks

Shamrocks are a well-known symbol associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Every year, when March 17th rolls around, the President of Ireland sends the President of the United States a crystal bowl of shamrocks. Unfortunately, the Secret Service always destroys it right away just in case it poses an unexpected threat to the President.

You can generally find pre-made shamrock cutouts at craft stores around St. Patrick’s Day, and sometimes Walmart and Target also carry Irish-inspired decor. If you can’t find pre-made shamrocks, make your own by cutting them out of green construction paper. If you doubt your artistic abilities, print a shamrock pattern online. Print the shamrock on white paper if you want to color it green with markers, crayons, or colored pencils. If not, print the pattern directly on green construction paper or card stock.

Share a Pot of Gold

Mischievous leprechauns often stash their loot at the end of rainbows – at least that’s what folklore says. Invite your guests to hunt for their own pots of gold by placing brown containers filled with gold-wrapped coins around your home. Gold-filled pots make excellent table toppers and party favors. You can also hang pots and rainbows made from card stock or construction paper around your home.

If you’re feeling creative and the weather cooperates, consider having your partygoers hunt for a pot of gold outdoors. The winner gets all the goodies inside of the pot!

Hang Green Garland

Do you have leftover garland from Christmas? Hang it above your fireplace, wrap it around banisters, or tape it around your front door. Another option is to wrap it around kitchen chairs or drape it across shelves or counters.

If you want to honor St. Patrick instead of just celebrating his holiday for fun, use blue garland. Blue is the official color for St. Patrick; green typically represents the lush greenery found in Ireland. White, silver, or gold garland accent blue and green nicely, so feel free to incorporate those hues if you need more color in your decor.

Arrange Green Bouquets

Incorporate the fragrant aroma of fresh flowers into your party decor by displaying green bouquets. Many florists carry green carnations around St. Patrick’s Day, and you might even be able to find green roses. Make sure to follow the florist’s instructions for maintaining your blooms if you plan to purchase flowers well before St. Patrick’s Day.

If you can’t find green flowers at the florist, make your own by adding a few drops of green food coloring to a vase filled with water. Insert white flowers into the water and watch as their petals turn green over the next week or so. Discard the green water when this happens and replace it with clear water.

Local pubs and restaurants typically host St. Patrick’s Day events, but sometimes it’s nice to spend the holiday at home with your loved ones. Prep for your St. Patty’s party by decorating your dwelling with shimmering pots of gold, bold green shamrocks and flowers, and plush strands of garland.

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