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Should You Have An “Unplugged” Wedding?

It’s no secret that almost everyone in the 21st century is attached to their phone.  Some of us are more addicted than others, and then some of us feel true panic when our phone’s battery goes below 5%. However, when special garters are designed to hold cell phones during weddings and special occasions, we here at Gala Pal tend to notice.

A technologically-integrated wedding can be a good thing.  You can save money on invites by doing them electronically and stay organized with an app like ours without sacrificing many trees.  You can nix the photographer altogether and have your friends do the footwork for you.  After all, some phones come with more megapixels and better resolution than regular digital cameras had a decade ago. The new millennium has really become an age of simplification and convenience when you think about it.

But step back for a second and think of other instances where you’ve been annoyed at people taking pictures at completely inappropriate times. Remember that concert you went to where you couldn’t see because the guy in front of you had his cell phone in your viewing space for 90% of the show? Note how you see more people driving with a cell phone in their hands than without? Most of all, do you really want photos from the ceremony to include a ton of disembodied arms and selfie sticks? Because that is a definite possibility.

Working in the wedding industry has given us access to a lot of good wedding pictures where one uncle holding an iPad/DSLR can ruin a whole shot.  It’s common practice now for photographers to have to wait for all the relatives to get a group picture before they try for it, themselves. This takes way more time and might leave the bride and groom (and all of their guests) half-starved before they can get to the reception.


Even worse, there are often cases where there are secret reveals or other surprises planned that have been ruined by guests posting pictures to Facebook or Instagram.  No one wants to be the one that ruined the big reveal, especially when all they wanted was just to share your happy day.

Is this enough to enact an “unplugged” rule at your wedding? How would you enforce such a rule?  Think that we should embrace cell phone culture — all the good and the bad that comes with it?

Let us know in the comments!

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team




Feature photo via The Odyssey Online. Go there for another great article on putting your phone down. 🙂

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