5 Unique Ideas for Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings offer an experience unlike any you’ll have by having your wedding near home. They’re an adventure wrapped into your big day. You can celebrate your love by getting married in front of the Manhattan cityscape, on a beach in Hawaii, or among a field of wildflowers in California. You can take your wedding to a secluded island, to an international location, or an hour away at a rustic cabin. There are no limits when you think about beautiful locations across the world. A destination wedding, in itself, is a unique choice. You can make it even more unique by choosing a destination elopement, finding a destination that fits you, blending your wedding with your honeymoon, using your destination as your theme, and learning tips from others in your position.


Destination Elopement

When you decide to turn your destination wedding into a destination elopement, you open up possibilities that would never be possible with a bunch of guests. This doesn’t mean heading to Vegas or down to the courthouse. It means finding the best destination for just the two of you and an officiant, and maybe a photographer. You can get married on a glacier, in a hot air balloon, on a cliff, or under the stars. There are many places that offer elopement packages that make the planning process a breeze. Instead of sending invitations, send an announcement with you and your love standing on a glacier professing your love to each other. It doesn’t get cooler than that.


The Perfect Location

The most common wedding destination locations tend to be tropical locations like Hawaii or Fiji, but the perfect location for you might be something a little further off the beaten path. When you’re considering a destination for your wedding it’s important to think about the perks to finding a place that isn’t as popular. Locations that aren’t as touristy tend to be cheaper, and your location can be uniquely yours.

Because, let’s face it, many couples will “always have Paris.”

If you’re thinking New York, look into some of the other boroughs and don’t just settle on Manhattan. Not only is it super expensive, it’s also very busy and is a popular tourism destination. Your trip won’t be any less New York, so create a New York playlist and research amazing locations in Queens or Brooklyn. Montana’s mountains, New Mexico’s plains, and Seattle’s forests are just as beautiful as Hawaii’s beaches and may just be the perfect location for you.



If you’re planning a destination wedding with guests, it’s important to consider your loved ones, as well as yourself. By blending your wedding with a vacation for your guests and a honeymoon for you, your wedding has become something extra special for everyone. With destination weddings, your guest list will naturally cut itself down. You’ll have an easier time coordinating, generally speaking. Leave some time for you and your guests to experience the location, in addition to attending your wedding. Coordinate and communicate schedules and encourage your loved ones to view this as a vacation as well as a wedding. This way, you’ll save money on your honeymoon and your family can blend vacation expenses with the expenses involved with a destination wedding.


Use the Theme

Destination weddings are unique to begin with. With that said, it can be fun to incorporate your destination within the decor of the rest of your wedding. A flowy dress for a beach wedding, wildflowers in your bouquet for an outdoorsy location, or a cityscape invitation for your big city location are all ways to incorporate your location within your wedding. Offer local food, include travel tags for place cards, use messages in a bottle for your wedding favors, or infuse the local culture in your decorations. Beach themes, nautical themes, glitzy themes, and rustic themes are common enough and can mirror your destination in a unique way.


Destination Wedding Tips

Destination weddings are amazing and different, but they can add to the stress that already comes with planning a wedding. In order to get through the stress of it all, listen to tips from others.

  • Hiring a wedding planner in that location will be a HUGE help. They can be your “eyes”.
  • Don’t forget the legalities. Getting married changes insurance and requires name changes that may have to wait if you’re flying to your destination. Marriage laws are different in different countries and states, as well.
  • Make sure the location is meaningful to the both of you.
  • Be forgiving when loved ones can’t attend your wedding. Destination weddings aren’t for everyone.
  • Understand you won’t be able to DIY as many things when you have to transport or mail anything you create.
  • Know the risks if you decide to check your dress on the plane.
  • Be ready to let go of some control. Being far away means you won’t be able to have as much control over all the details. Go with the flow.

In Short, Have Fun With It!

Destination weddings offer an experience completely unique to you. It offers you and your guests an adventure while also having an unforgettable wedding. Whether you’re getting married in Rome or nearby, it will all be a part of the experience. In order to make your decision even more special, try one of these tips. Soon you’ll be the one offering advice to others who loved your destination wedding ideas.

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