4 Bridal “Pamper Party” Ideas

With all the wedding planning euphoria, a bride-to-be rarely has the time to breathe right, let alone to relax and pamper herself. This is precisely why bridal pamper party is a necessity. Gather all your friends and bridesmaids and enjoy some girl time. Give each other manicures, get massages or just enjoy a good old movie night with a lot of snacks, just like when you were teenagers. If you need some more inspiration, check out some of the following ideas.

Spa treatments

This day should be all about indulging, relaxing and completely forgetting about all the frustration that you’ve been through the past couple of months. Therefore, organizing a massage for all your ladies would be a good way to start the day. Each of you should indulge a 30-minute full body massage to get ready for the upcoming wedding. Include a hand scrub, foot scrub, a face treatment and eye mask treatment as well, and you’ll all feel reborn. Foot massage feels amazing and relieves all of your stress, so be sure to include it in the treatment as well. If your skin needs some extra pampering, go for facials with peels, or scrubs that will bring back a gorgeous glow to your skin.

Make-up tryouts

Introduce a bit more fun to your pamper party and play around with make-up. You could try to do each other’s make-up with blindfolds on your eyes, and see the fun results. What’s more, try to do your own make-up, without using a mirror. This will definitely make you laugh to tears. However, it’s also a good idea to try out the make-up for the wedding. Feel free to ask every one of your girls to do your makeup, so you can decide which you like best for the wedding. With high-quality Jane Iredale makeup products, you can get any look you want, no matter the skin type. Furthermore, hire a face painter and choose the craziest ideas for your friends and yourself. You’re bound to have an unforgettable party.


What’s better than a little bit of pampering, after all that previous pampering? You can never get enough of indulgence, so get ready for some gorgeous manicure and pedicure treatment. Include a mani-pedi for all your guests, and use the opportunity to go over all those funny memories you share together, while you’re having your feet ready for sandals. Don’t forget to get finger food, cocktails and a lot of treats that you can enjoy with your girls, while you remember all the crushes, first loves, and all those romantic moments you’ve had before your husband-to-be popped the question. The pampering party is all about you and your friends having a good time. Don’t miss an opportunity to create some memorable moments that you can remember when you’re no longer single.

Set the ambiance

Since a pamper party is for the girls only, you should make sure the decor and setting describe the feeling of the party. Decorate the home with purple and red details, have corset shaped cookies, red flower arrangements, add a bit of lace details to the table settings and use a lot of colorful balloons to make the whole room party-ready. With purple frosting cupcakes, and drinks in purple or red colors, alongside red roses or lilacs, the whole party will get the themed look you want.

A pamper party is one of the last hurrahs you’ll have before tying the knot, so make sure it’s memorable. Plan the entire bash carefully, and with a great attention to details. With some spa treatments, delicious treats and all your friends with you, it’ll be the best pamper party you’ve ever been to.

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