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Wedding Planning and Stress Management

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Some of you might be knee-deep in planning your wedding right now. Others might be in the stage where pulling out your hair or abruptly eloping in the next town over seems like a fantastic idea. Don’t do that. Instead, you can:

Take a deep breath.

You’re probably just overwhelmed. Believe it or not, that’s completely normal. You’ve got to plan every detail of an event and you’re probably DIY-ing a good portion of that. Take a deep breath and know that by the morning of your wedding, most of this stuff will be finished. And then you’ll get married. And it’s going to be fantastic. So breathe and keep that in mind.

Laugh about it.

Ever notice those people, the ones that are already overwhelmed when another thing is piled on their to do list, who just start giggling like they’ve lost their mind? Well, if you feel like that or have done it yourself, we promise it’s a coping mechanism. Once your minor laughing-based panic moment is over, you will have the necessary endorphins to tackle the biggest, scariest tasks with complete focus and ease. Embrace the laughing fit!

For your amusement, we have assembled a mass of humorous SomeECards to help initiate the crazy laughter in order to make you feel better faster.

wedding stress someecards

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Just saying.

Bull through it.

When the going gets tough, bull through it. That simply means that you lower your head and blast through the parts that make you absolutely cringe with dread. Delaying these tasks just makes it worse. Pick the worst thing on your list and eliminate it as soon as you can. If you’re reading this at work, take a break and call the caterer to finalize that last thing. Take your very next Saturday morning to get your dress altered. DO THE THING! Once you get it done, rejoice with a glass of wine and move on to the more fun aspects of planning.

If you follow these steps, you can overcome the stress of wedding planning and get to really enjoy the process.

What’s the worst part of wedding planning you’ve experienced (or have been putting off)? What made it so awful? How did you overcome? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Planning!

– The Gala Pal Team

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