8 Unique Ways to Pull Off a Playful Watercolor Wedding Palette

Do you love watercolors, but don’t want your wedding to look like kid’s birthday bash? You can use them in some new and different ways to make them work on your wedding. A color palette of watercolor oranges, greens, and blues is toward the top of wedding theme colors these days. Not only is such a palette unexpected, but this range has some unique styling options and you can use them to customize different wedding details.

From wedding invitations, hand painted cake, to customized mats; when you choose experienced wedding decorators in Atlanta, you can get some amazing style tips to help make weddings stand out in an elegant way with the outstanding watercolor palette.

Playfully Shaped Stationary

Watercolors look great on paper, so why not let your personality look great on paper. For your wedding, you can play with fonts, colors, and shapes to create something that reflects a part of your personality and wedding style. Watercolor liners and logo on your wedding invites will help to make them bespoke.

Pale, but Bright Floral Decorations

Some roses and peonies come in bright colors. You can work with your event planners such as Let’s Celebrate Events who work along each step of the decoration project to help you choose bright colors for your floral décor and add them to your centerpieces along the aisle and different areas. In your floral décor, you can have different flowers to in an affordable range to highlight your event in a unique way. You can have floral decorations along the aisle; have hanging flowers along the walls, stairs, and other areas that come into notice.

Balloon Décor all Over

If you do not fancy flowers (probably because of allergies to the scent), you may want to consider other options including colorful balloons all over the place, have some blue, white, orange, or red balloons set flowers along the stage, isle, and close to tables. This detail helps to transform the appearance of your event, and at the same time keep the wedding watercolor palette well highlighted. Along with balloons, you can special colored hanging decorations set around the banquet or wedding area.

Customized Tables

Along with the new spin of floral décor, you can also highlight your tables with a new spin on the place card, personalized place mats! You can have the names and table numbers of guests printed in watercolors onto the place mats (of course, without compromising on the décor and flowers. To add some fun element, you can also incorporate a crossword puzzle under the plates, or some quizzes like fun facts about the couple. However, if you want to keep things on a simple, but bright and somewhat childish note (maybe an aspect of your personality); you can have the menu card and plates in bright watercolors shades.

Favors in all Colors

On a day when you receive showers of love (and gifts), why not share the love and day by donating some items in lieu of favors. You can have flowers, small-personalized notes, some quotes on watercolor paper framed, colorful stationery and more to let your loved ones know you appreciate their presence on your grand day. You can also opt for some custom made candies and share them as a part of favors to your guests.

Customized Cake

Who says you can’t add a colorful splash to your wedding cake? Why not bring out the kid within you for this day and have a custom-made cake with all the bright watercolors. You can have a rainbow colored cake, or ask your caterer to create a special one with drawings and crayon-like colors. You can go for heart shaped light blue color patterns, or squares in all colors.

Add Fiesta Bright Colors to the Event Theme

When it comes to weddings, it doesn’t mean you should keep to the customary white. You can have your bridesmaids dressed in different watercolor outfits such as orange, red, green, yellow and more. Why stick to the same old color trends? You can add a playful touch to your wedding gown or suit by choosing bright colors.

Special Lighting

Along with managing floral decorations, you can ask your event planners to add some special effects to your event through the choice of lighting. Have different colored tropical colored lanterns or add a DIY touch to your event by making some on your own. You can also opt for special hanging lights set in different colors. This helps to add a unique and colorful burst to your event.

There are so many other unique ways to pull off a watercolor wedding palette. Including some of the ones mentioned above, you can have custom cakes, hand painted guest books, and customized wedding wear. However, if you are out of ideas, you can always take your time and talk to your event planners, which usually have a bag full of experience because they work with different customers. Such experts have many ideas at hand and they can guide you about the leading trends to help transform your event into a grand and spectacular one.

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