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Personalized Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, or Both!

Generally, your wedding party is filled with those closest to you. Siblings, childhood friends, and people so close you consider them family. They help with decisions, plan events, and act as your go-to when you have a problem or need assistance with something. It’s often not the easiest job to be a member of the wedding party, so as a “thank you,” many couples give them a gift. To go one step further, many couples are looking into personalized gifts for each wedding party member to make the gifts a little extra special. Fortunately, there are a ton of options in order to give the perfect gift to each member of your wedding party.


Of course, any gift can be for any side of your line no matter their gender, but some gifts tend to be a little more popular for the men than the ladies.


There are so many different knife options that can be personalized with your groomsmen’s names, your wedding date, a nickname, or even just a simple, “groomsman,” or “best man,” moniker. If your wedding party loves to hunt, fish, or be in the outdoors, this can be a great option for the important men in your life.

Beer Selection

This is a great DIY and cost-effective option for your groomsmen if they enjoy a good beer. You can buy an assortment of different beers and give them a sampler pack personalized for their tastes. Take the DIY a step further and decorate a cardboard 6-pack box, and you have the perfect bridal party gift that your groomsmen can drink while waiting for the ceremony.


You can get growlers that have a personalized message, name, or date embossed into them and can be filled with your dude’s favorite beer from a local brewery. If you have a groomsman who doesn’t drink, go for a flavored water or alcohol-free beer inside it instead.

Toiletry Bag

Toiletry bags are great because it’s a gift that your groomsman can use long past your wedding date. Whether you choose a leather bag or a more cost effective fabric, a simple initial stitched in can make it personal without it being too much.

Pocket Watch

This is a fancy little option for a gift for the main men in your life and isn’t as expensive as you may think. Not only is it something your groomsmen will cherish, it’s something they probably don’t already have.


Some ladies will love a growler just as much as they will love a foot scrub, so, again, the gifts in each column can go either way. However, some gifts are more popular for women than they are for men.

Foot scrub

A foot scrub is an awesome gift for your main ladies because it’s something cost effective that you can easily make yourself – which makes it a little more special. Create a fancy label to put their name on each jar and use a different scent for each lady, and you’ve got the perfect homemade bridesmaid gift.

Monogram Necklaces

This option is a gift for the big day and to be used for the future all in one. Whether you choose to use the first letter of their name, their whole name, or a special monogram, they will have a personalized gift they can remember your big day by. You can easily make these yourselves or go for a great personalized option you find on Etsy or Amazon.


Each bridesmaid tote can be personalized by color and name and is super useful for the big wedding day. Bridesmaids have so much stuff to carry around, and they can use their personalized gift tote to house their things. Anything from a large tote to a small makeup bag is a useful and cost effective gift for each woman.

Photo Book

Talk about getting super personalized with your bridal party gift: you can make a photo book for each woman standing by your side as you get married. Share old photos of each other, maybe a letter about why they are important to you, and a few inside jokes and they have a memento from your wedding highlighting exactly why you loved having them there with you. You may even see them shed a few tears over the memories.


Each tumbler can say “bridesmaid,” their names, or who they are to you (baby sister, college bestie, sorority sister), personalized with their favorite color. The day of the wedding, they can drink mimosas from their tumbler; the day after the wedding, they can drink water from it. It’s a great and useful gift for the gals standing next to you on your big day.


Some couples would rather have every member of their wedding party have the exact same gift, and some gifts go best with everyone than others.

Shot Glasses

If your wedding party enjoys celebrating your union with some drinks, personalized shot glasses may be perfect for them. Give them a personalized shot glass, a tiny bottle of liquor, and a little bottle of soda in a box, and you’ve got a gift everyone in your wedding party will love.


Everyone has some sort of use for stationery whether it’s a personalized notebook, notepad, or pen. There are a ton of options for script to use including quotes, names, or occupations so that your wedding party has a favor that’s useful to them long-term and not just for the day of the wedding.

Bobble Heads

Silly? Maybe. Fun? Uh, absolutely. Probably up there in terms of price, but one of the silliest and most fun gifts for the whole party. Having tiny bobble heads made to look like your favorite people is a fun way to celebrate them. Plus, the picture possibilities are priceless.


Having personalized sunglasses for everyone in your wedding party is a great way to ensure you’ll have some fun photos of your wedding party. They also range in price from super affordable to decently priced depending on how nice you’d like to get with your sunglasses. However, no matter how you decide to do it, your wedding party will look super stylish.

Coffee Cups

Personalized coffee cups are a great option to give a gift they can keep on using. Personalize it with their name, the location of the wedding, and some fun designs. The price is reasonable and the practicality is there as well. Even if you have a few non-coffee drinkers in your group, they can still use your cup for tea.

Of course, there are a ton of great ideas in terms of personalized gifts for your wedding party, and this list names just a few of them. However, no matter which you choose your bridal party will appreciate it and keep it to remember your special day. Remember you can mix and match and get a different personalized gift for each person, or give each of them a letter about how much you appreciate them. It’s not the dollar amount that matters as much as the sentiment behind it.

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